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The Kurt and Ernst Schwitters Foundation fulfils its purpose through numerous activities that make the legacy of Kurt and Ernst Schwitters available to the general public in exhibitions as well as publications in addition to the inventory and photographic documentation of the collections (data bank / reproductions). A photo edition calls attention to the work of the photographer Ernst Schwitters. We are pleased to inform you about the project of a new critical edition „Alle Texte von Kurt Schwitters“ (All texts by Kurt Schwitters). You can find planned exhibitions under the menu item “exhibitions“.

In March 2011 the conference „Transgression und Intermedialität – Die Texte von Kurt Schwitters“ took place at the Sprengel Museum Hannover. It was a cooperation between the museum, the foundation and the universities of Hanover and Wuppertal. The articles have been printed by publishing house Aisthesis in 2016.

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